Support & FAQs

To learn about the basics of using Gameroom, please visit our How to Play section.

Check out our FAQs below to help resolve any issues you are having

  1. I cannot login successfully
    Make sure you have authorized the app in the Zoom authentication page.
  2. I cannot join a game, the JOIN button is disabled
    Check that you have entered the correct Game Number and Password. If you clicked on a link from the invitation email, these fields should already be filled-in. The Join button shall be enabled once you have entered the password. Contact the host of the game if you do not know the password.
  3. I cannot create a game, the CREATE button is disabled
    Make sure you have entered a password of at least 3 characters.
  4. My video is not appearing
    After joining a game, click the Start Video button at the bottom toolbar. Make sure the Allow the website access to your webcam and microphone.
  5. Other players cannot hear me
    Older versions of browsers like Safari are not compatible with Zoom. Use modern versions of browsers to make sure the audio works. We recommend the latest version of Google Chrome.
  6. The Start Game button is disabled
    Each Team must have at least 1 player to start a game. Drag and drop participants from the list, to the corresponding team columns. The Start Game button shall then be enabled.
  7. The game stopped and we cannot continue
    The current player, with the turn to act out a word, shall see a Go button on his/ her screen. He/ she must click this button to proceed.
  8. How do i end a game?
    An End Game button shall appear at the end of the game. Clicking this will end the session and close the room (You must be the host). If you would like to end the game prematurely, click the Leave Meeting button at the bottom toolbar. (You must be the host)

If you are still having any issues with Gameroom, please let us know by filling-up the form below.

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